Special Thanks

This project would never have been possible without our Fiscal Sponsor, Each One Reach One. Thank you for your big vision and beautiful service to our communities.




Legal Advice


Photography & Videography

Web & Media

Mary Barbosa

Andrew Page

Eric Raymer

Michelle Carter, Bessa Kautz and Andrew Saito

Jim Davis, Carla Hernandez, Michael Montgomery, Todd Sanchioni and Robert Arnold

Shuka Kalantari, Mia Nakano and Liam Passamore


Robin Sohen, Executive Director & Founder of Each One Reach One

Laura Magnini, Regional Director of the American Friends Service Committee

Robert J. Rosenthal, Executive Director Center for Investigative Reporting

Monika Bauerline, CEO of Mother Jones Magazine

Don Spector, Prison Law Office

Clive Worsley, Actor and Director of Artistic Learning at the California Shakespeare Theatre

Steven Anthony Jones, Artistic Director of the Lorraine Hansburry Theatre


Caitlin Kelly Henry, Jonathan Simon and Chris Spaulding, Richard Kamler and Joya Cory, Andrea and John Rosenman, David Rothenberg of the The Fortune Society, Meredith and Jennifer Orthwein, Pat and Peter Sussman, Jeff Miller and Amy Trachtenberg, Elizabeth Raymer and Ragna Boynton, David and Beth Trachtenberg, Marjory Kaplan, TD Daniell and Barbara Daniell, Bert Voorhees and Catherine Arias, Emma Rosenbush and Gabriela Camara of Cala Restaurant


California Senators Mark Leno and Loni Hancock

Amy Goodman, Journalist and Founder of Democracy NOW

Juan E. Mendez, United Nations Special Rapporteur on Torture

Scott Budnick, Film Producer and Founder and President of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition

Sean Penn, Actor and Humanitarian

Van Jones, Founder and Director of

Jeff Adachi, San Francisco’s Public Defender

Tim Robbins and Sabra Williams, Actors and Co-Directors of Los Angeles Actor’s Gang

Lisa Steindler, Artistic Director of Z Space, San Francisco

Amy Fettig, Senior Staff Counsel for the ACLU’s National Prison Project (NPP) and Director of Stop Solitary Campaign

Jerry Eisler, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) organizer and formerly incarcerated solitary confinement survivor.

Jean Casella and James Ridgeway, Co-Founders of Solitary Watch

Michael Marcum, Former San Francisco Assistant Sheriff and formerly incarcerated.

Terry Kuppers, M.D., M.S.P., Institute Professor, The Wright Institute and nationally renowned expert on the effects of solitary confinement on mental health.


AC Thompson, Aaron Juchau, Alan Mills, Amutabi Haines, Andrew Solomon, Andrieka Edwards, Angad Bhallah, Anne Weills, Annie Danger, Beatrice Basso, Ben Rosenfeld, Bobby Fields, Bonnie Kerness, Carol Travis, Charles Carbone, Clara Jeffrey, Craig Haney, Crystal Bybee, Daniel Mcgowan, Den Legaspi, District Attorney Gascone, Elizabeth Sy, Elizabeth Well-Greenberg, Emily Churchill, Emily and James Sudd, Eric Aviles, Eric Lendle, Eric McDavid, Erin Kahn, Firuzeh Mahmoundi, Hilary Klein, Ian Mackenzie, Jackie Summel, James Sadiri, James Tracy, Jason Webley, Jenna Welsh, Jennifer Miller, Jiwon Chung, Karen Piemme-Altree, Kelly Winter, Kermit Reiter, Kristina Lim, Lainey Garrity, Laura Markle Downton, Lia Rose, Liam O’Donoghue, Louise Ski Carr, Marc Weinblatt, Marie Levin, Marty Quiñones, Matt Gonzales, Melissa Pino, Melody Meozzi, Mia Nakano, Michael Pollan, Mike Farrell, Mimi Silbert, Natasha Derrick, Nisha Anand, Nora Dye, Olga Tomchin, Pato Luna, Patricia Reynoso, Pauline Bartolone, Pauline Bartolone, Peter Barnes, Raphael Sperry, Rebecca Bowe, Rebecca Solnit, Robert Avila, Ruth Morgan, Sara McCabe, Steven Anthony Jones, Summer Brenner, Sunny Swartz, Susan Page Tillet, Susan Rosenberg, Tom Ammiano, Tom Ross, UC Berkeley Center for Law and Society and and many, many more.

Lastly, to the two most important people in my life, my husband Shane Bauer and my mom Nora Shourd,
without whom I doubt I could ever find the courage.